Friday, 22 January 2010

Leek and Sweet Potato Quiche

I made this quiche the other day when our friends Lisa and Ailin were coming over for lunch. It uses the olive oil pastry (the easiest pastry in the world) that I always use for quiche, so it's really quick to make.

Sarah, my sister, has a friend who uses the recipe - and she says that instead of rolling out the pastry, she just presses it into the quiche dish with her hands. I tried this and it works well, so now it's even quicker and easier! It gives a slightly ragged-looking edge, unless you spend a little time tidying things up, but raggedy edges don't worry me.

I lined the dish with the pastry, then put in a layer of leeks that I'd sliced finely and softened in a little butter and oil. I was planning to use onion, but the leeks were very reasonably priced today.

Then I put over a layer of thinly-sliced sweet potato.

I scattered over some creamy fetta cheese - and a little cheddar too, as I wasn't sure I had quite enough fetta - and added some chopped parsley.

To the eggy/milky mixture I added a generous teaspoonful of wholegrain mustard and some salt and pepper. As usual I had enough to make a mini quiche aswell.

Then I poured the egg/milk over, and cooked it for 45 - 60 mins at 170 C.

It was very tasty, I thought - mildly flavoured but not bland, and quite filling.

The original recipe for quiche is here

8 heaped tbsp flour
1/2 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
8 tbsp olive oil
8 tbsp water
1 medium onion or leek
1 small sweet potato
fetta/cheddar cheese
eggy topping:
3 eggs
400 ml milk (approx)
wholegrain mustard
salt, pepper


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Sounds like a great dish to serve to both vegetarians and omnivores! I like to use a lot of vegetables in quiches to make them healthier :D

Coby said...

Ragedy edges are the best, a few little 'imperfections' with home made vs commercial flavourless pastry? That's a no brainer:) The quiches look delicious, and I have to tell you, I adore leeks in quiche:) The sweet potato cooks in the custard does it Arista?

I must try the pastry:)

Robert Petril said...

Love this blog!

arista said...

Thanks Lorraine, Coby and Robert :o)

Yes Coby, the sweet potato cooks well - I cut it quite thin, but not paper-thin.

Anonymous said...

Made this quich today - while i was making pastry remembered that I ususally use sunflower oil which also works well. I added onion with the leek and it was very tasty - thank you mum xxxxxxxxxxx

arista said...

Hi mum, glad you liked it xxxxxxxxx