Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easy Bread Rolls

These are so easy that every time I hear someone say they can't make bread, I feel like bringing them into my kitchen and showing them how to make these rolls.

They are just basic rolls that I often make for lunch time sandwiches or to go with a meal. Sometimes I give my children a blob of dough each and they make their own bread roll to go with their dinner.

Put bread flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a large bowl. I also add a couple of tablespoons of oat or wheat bran to add bulk to the rolls and make them slightly more filling, but you don't have to do this.

Stir up the dry ingredients, then add 300 ml warm water (it should feel comfortably warm to your fingers) and 3 tsp of olive oil.

Stir it around with a spoon until most of the flour has been moistened, then put your hand in and finish bringing the dough together. It may need a few more drops of water to get the last bit of flour, but add gradually so it doesn't become too sticky.

Knead the dough for a few minutes until it's smooth and springy. I do this in the bowl (I have a 3L bowl so there's quite a lot of room) but if it's easier, get it out and knead it on a work surface.

Leave it to stand - in the bowl with a plate or plastic wrap over the top - in a warmish place for one or two hours. (Usually one and a half hours is fine.)

I left this dough standing for 2 hours as I was a bit busy - it doesn't always puff up this much. Push the air out and remove the dough from the bowl.

Divide into portions, give each one a quick knead around in your hands, then form into whatever shape you like.

Dust with some flour, then leave in a warm place for about half an hour, while you warm up the oven to 200 C.

Cook for 15 minutes until the tops are slightly golden and the bottoms of the rolls sound hollow when knocked with your knuckles.

My children made a roll each with the above dough. I sometimes make a whole loaf (on the tray, not with a loaf tin) but more often I halve the dough and make two 'batard' style loaves (see below).

500 g bread flour
2 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
(2 tbsp oat bran or wheat bran if you like)
300 ml warm water
3 tsp olive oil

Two unglamorous (but very useful) long loaves - great for slicing and sharing out at dinner time.


Helen Tate said...

I'm going to make these rolls. They sound really easy and look scrummy too! xx

Lucie said...

These look perfect rolls, I must try this. Thanks for sharing.

Coby said...

I'm so pleased to see someone else who tries to keep things contained in a bowl:) Whenever making bread, I really prefer to knead in my big bowl too Arista:) These rolls look lovely - and there are some new shapes there that I am sure Baker's Delight would be envious of:) Can you please explain the 'batard' shape? I am sure I'd know it if I saw it, but from the name, can't picture it.

arista said...

Coby - By 'batard' I mean big, long bread rolls. I added a photo to show what I mean.

When I make bread the only washing up at the end is the bowl and a spoon (the water jug just goes straight to the draining board) - it's great to save on washing up!

Helen and Lucie I would love it if you tried these rolls. Good luck with it, if you're new to breadmaking I hope you will keep going even if your first attempts are a bit mediocre, as the more you make bread, the better you get.

I'm teaching my sons to make bread as I think it's a good skill to have.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I have never really felt my bread efforts to be successful until I tried this. Fantastic bread rolls!