Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bread Rolls (with different flour)

This flour is apparently 'excellent to prepare leavened dough used for pizza and cottage brioches, which are extraordinarily nice-smelling'

My favourite deli/supermarket/butcher (Lamonica's in Haberfield) doesn't sell normal bread flour, but Mr Lamonica showed me this flour which is used 'per tortellini, lasagne, gnocchi di patate e di semola, pane, focacce, pizze...' - so I gave it a go.

I made my normal mini white bread rolls, and the dough was not as elastic as with bread flour, and didn't rise as much. I carried on anyway, and these were the resulting rolls. Slightly yellower than normal and with a more scone-like texture and taste. (No complaints from the children though - they seem to be enjoying them in their school lunchboxes.)

I'll use this flour for other recipes in future - but I'll stick to the normal bread flour for this recipe.