Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Currant Buns

I always associate currant buns with elephants - they seem to be standard elephant food in old children's stories.

These are quite old-fashioned buns, and the recipe didn't specify any spices, but I decided to add a sprinkling of cinnamon and cloves - but not too much because I didn't want them to taste like hot cross buns. I wanted them to be like slightly sweet and spiced bread rolls, which is how they turned out.

First you rub butter into flour that has a little salt added (and spices if you like), then add the yeast/milk/water mixture, as well as sugar and currants (soaked for a few mins in warm water to make them plump). Mix to a dough and knead for 10 mins, leave to rise.

When risen, shape into buns (or a loaf if you prefer). Allow to rise while the oven heats to 220 C and cook for 15 mins or so - careful not to burn the currants on top.


...and after.

My currant buns would have looked more authentic if they had been glazed after cooking with a wet pastry brush dipped in honey or golden syrup (as suggested in the recipe) but I decided that would make them a bit too sticky for lunchboxes, so this time I left that step out.

450 g strong plain flour
1 tsp salt
25 g butter
25 g sugar
100 g currants
25 g fresh yeast or 4 tsp dried
150 g milk, lukewarm
150 g water, lukewarm


Sally said...

I have never made anything with yeast. These look so very yummy and easy. May I copy your recipe? To give them a go. Love Sal.

arista said...

Of course you can, that's what it's all about! I've put the full recipe up on Vi's Pantry for you x