Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mango and Sugar Plums

I had to take photos of this mango and the sugar plums and put them on here, because they're so beautiful!


Coby said...

They are beautiful Arista:) Sugar plums? Locally? I had imagined they weren't about here. Can you tell some about them please? As Shultz from Hogan's Hero's would say, 'I know Nussing'!

arista said...

My local fruit and veg shop have some in each summer - only for a v short time though. I've been reading about them and apparently they used to be known as D'Agen Prunes, but have had a name-change (like the Kiwi Fruit I suppose) in recent years. They are very sweet and delicious! I found this:

"The most famous prune plum is the French Prune d'Agen, named after a town in Aquitaine in the south west of France, which lies on the edge of the prune region rather than the center of it. This is because the Canal du Midi passes through the town of d'Agen and served as the main port for dispatching them to markets. It was this variety that was taken to California in the 19th century, where production has now become so great that it dominates the market, including those sold in France."